Who is proposing the Project?

Cool Off and other local businesses including VK Logic Engineering and Killen trucking are proposing to partner with Council to seek Commonwealth funding to expand, develop, and enhance the Howlong Industrial Park. 

What will an improved Howlong Industrial Precinct mean for the Cool Off Group?  

We already provide jobs for 225 people from the local community – the majority of whom live in or close to Howlong.
With improvements to infrastructure we will be able to sell our products – including our patented unique technology – in new markets here and overseas.
This growth will create new jobs in our business, in Howlong and in the wider regional economy.

Cool Off is an award-winning, world-class manufacturer of pet food. 

What is the Howlong Industrial Precinct Project? 

A group of local businesses led by Cool Off are proposing to partner with local and federal government to build opportunities in our region with an improved Howlong Industrial Precinct.

As a part of the Howlong community, Cool Off has observed that there is a demand for more industrial land and better infrastructure for our local businesses. Our community needs to build the infrastructure that will help our local businesses to grow and to make our regional economy more sustainable.

The proposed Howlong Industrial Precinct includes an export logistics hub, which would:

  1. Create more than 60 new local jobs directly as a result of the project and further local employment opportunities through an improved regional economy
  2. Deliver upgrades and improved access to the existing industrial estate
  3. Allow for direct services to the Port of Melbourne, and Melbourne and Sydney domestic markets through a freight and logistics hub
  4. Establish Howlong as an international export hub for pet food
  5. Drive increased investment at five regional abattoirs
  6. Deliver 16 new and competitively priced industrial blocks with room for further expansion in the future

Benefits of the project

  • More local jobs
  • Local investment
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Contractors during build and ongoing maintenance
  • Increased business activity
  • Stronger Regional Economy

Artists impression of the proposed improvements

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Howlong Industrial Precinct Project

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How would the proposed Howlong Industrial Precinct benefit the local community?  

By meeting the needs of regional businesses, particularly agribusiness and food manufacturing, the proposed Howlong Industrial Precinct will help to grow our regional economy and create jobs in the local community. The proposed Howlong Industrial Precinct would: 

  1. Create more than 60 new jobs in Howlong directly as a result of the project as well as a significant number of additional jobs as an indirect result of the Howlong Industrial Precinct
  2. Create opportunities for those involved in the construction phase and in the maintenance of the new infrastructure
  3. Drive investment in the region and attract new businesses
  4. Increase opportunity for local businesses to export throughout Australia and internationally

Growing local businesses will help to create jobs and improve the regional economy.