Fast Facts

Processing 45,000 metric tonnes per annum


Cool Off Pty Ltd is Australia’s premier supplier to the pet food manufacturing industry. Operating for over 30 years, Cool Off has specialised in red meat offal sourcing, chilling, quality control and processing.

Cool Off developed a unique offal collection process that involves installation of a patented collection and chilling unit onsite at the abattoir. This enables Cool Off to control all aspects of quality from the onset, providing a dedicated focus on quality of the pet food products.

Clean & Healthy

All material sourced from export registered Human Consumption processing facilities, Australian meat products are NON-GMO and BSE Free.

Eu Certified.

Cool Off offers unique acces to Australian raw materials for pet food manufacture.

Collecting from over 30 Australian Abattoirs, Cool Off has a unique position in the Australian raw product market.


Material processed utilising Cool Off's unique, automatic collection and chilling system. Real-time monitoring through modem and video streaming,  .

"Best In Class"

  • Lamb Mechanically De-boned Meat (MDM)
  • Plate Frozen offals
  • Boutique meat meals
  • Natural Dried Treats

Supplying Australian pet food ingredients to the world

Employing over 220 staff

Collecting from over 30 abattoirs across Australia